GD_treeOne of the things that genealogists are always in need of is more free genealogical databases. If you’ve been doing genealogy for any length of time, you already know the big ones, but there are some very specialized websites out there that are much less known.

If you suspect that you may have some Native Indian roots in your family, then there is a wonderful site that offers information that may help you. Native American Nations is a good place to find Native American indexes and rolls, cemeteries, census records, stories, tribes and nations, land patents and history. They also offer old photos, linguistic information and sign language of Native Americans which makes for a very interesting visit. Be sure to check out their gift store.

If you have Canadian roots as I do, you know that their system can be very frustrating. They offer very little information online in searchable websites. was a good website that specialized in Canadian roots but it seems to be gone now. There are links to other Canadian Genealogy sites listed at Library and Archives of Canada.

If you know you had relatives living in either the U.S. or the U.K the 1901 census is now available for free. Just search for two websites. The British site is and the American census is at

The Olive Tree is another site for those working on a family tree with roots in North America. They have over 1900 transcribed records which include such things as: ship passenger records, Canadian immigration records, records for Huguenots, Walloons, Native Americans, Palatines, Loyalists and military records all for free.

And finally, there’s Rootsweb. This website is the oldest free online database so there’s certainly more of a chance that you’ve heard about it. They offer a number of ways that you can connect with your fellow genealogists.

If you have transcribed any genealogical data, you should share it by posting it at their website. Many, many records find their way online because of the generous sharing of information by other genealogists so if you have information, sharing it is the right thing to do.

You should also post your family tree at Rootsweb and your surname interests. This will let others find you more easily. A wealth of information can also be found on their many message boards. These can be searched by your name of interest which will help you zone in on others that may already have the information that you seek.

You can also join a mailing list or post a note on a record. That way you will keep in touch with others with similar interest as you. The post a note feature was a very clever idea and I’m glad they thought of it. What you do, is attach a note with your contact information to a particular record of a family member in their Social Security Death Index. Then when another person searching for this person finds the record they also find you and can contact you to share information.

These are just some of the more popular websites that offer free online genealogical databases. The wonderful thing about genealogy is that there is always more out there to sort through. The gem you are seeking is now easier than ever to find thanks to the generosity of others and the ease of sharing things through the internet.

Source by Kay Cromwell