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webinar_famtreeExplore a wealth of genealogy webinars online, offered by individuals, genealogical societies, and other groups. Genealogy webinars are a great resource for online learning and education, especially for genealogists who find it difficult to make it to genealogy conferences and other live events. Some are available online for free, while others charge a modest fee for participation. This list consists of webinars available for access at home, not those which are only available for viewing by groups such as genealogical societies.

What is a Genealogy Webinar and How Does it Work?

Most genealogy webinars (web seminars) begin as live events, with a presenter speaking in conjunction with visual slides, just as you would see if you attended an in-person lecture/presentation. Following the webinar, many presenters host a question and answer session. To participate in a genealogy webinar, all you need is a computer, speakers and an Internet connection – think genealogy talk-radio with visuals. A USB headset is also helpful, especially if you wish to ask a verbal question. Most webinar hosts also entertain questions posted via typed text. Many webinars are archived for later viewing. Occasionally for free download, but more often for purchase on CD or digital download.

1. Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Several new webinars are hosted each month for free by Legacy, with well-known genealogists speaking on a wide variety of topics. If you can’t make the live presentation, archived webinars are available for free online viewing for ten days following the live event. After that point, most individual webinars are available for download or purchase. A subscription is also available which offers unlimited access to all archived webinars. More »


Learn about upcoming online seminars as well as view archived presentations from a variety of well-known speakers. webinars are free to everyone – you don’t have to be an Ancestry subscriber. Archived webinars are available free of charge on as well as for download through iTunes and Zune More »

3. Family Tree Magazine Webinars

Family Tree Magazine and Family Tree University offer both live and downloadable on-demand webinars with how-to advice on genealogy topics from online research to brick walls to researching ancestors in various states, with research strategies, tips and pointers to the best online tools. Some are free, while others require a fee to register. Look for both live upcoming webinars, as well as archived webinars. More »

4. Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Extension Series

To bring the education offered at the annual SCGS Jamboree to the world, the Southern California Genealogical Society offers free genealogy webinars for genealogists around the world. These genealogy webinars are open for up to 1000 attendees per session, at no charge. Archived webinars are also available online, but only for SCGS members. Jamboree Extension Series webinars are scheduled for the first Saturday and third Wednesday of each month. More »

5. DearMYRTLE Workshop Webinars

DearMYRTLE, aka Pat Richley-Erickson, has been teaching beginner and intermediate genealogists how to tackle the world of online genealogy for a long time, through radio shows, her blog, tutorials and more. Her twice-monthly genealogy workshop webinars are as big a hit as the rest of her work, so make sure you register in advance before the spots are filled. More »

6. RootsMagic Webinars

The free genealogy webinars offered by RootsMagic are primarily geared to users of the RootsMagic family history software, but also include other technology-related topics such as Google Earth and Google search tips. Archived webinars are also available on the Web site. More »

7. FGS Society Management Webinars

The Federation of Genealogical Societies offers genealogy society management education delivered online in webinar format. These genealogy webinars are both free to the public and to FGS member societies and can accommodate up to 1,000 participants. FGS members will have access to recorded webinars and syllabus materials at the FGS website. Topics are focused on the education and growth of genealogical societies, in the areas of marketing (including social networking), member services, technology, finances and fundraising. More »

8. Relative Roots Webinars

Elise Friedman of Relative Roots hosts an interesting series of genealogy webinars, some for free and others available for a nominal fee. The primary topic of these webinars is DNA and genetic genealogy, although a few other topics find their way into the schedule at times. Archived webinars are also available. More »

9. GeneaWebinars

This free online calendar displays a number of free upcoming webinars from a variety of individuals, associations, and societies. More »

10. Association of Professional Genealogists

Interested in turning your passion for genealogy into a business? The Association of Professional Genealogists opens their live webinars free to the public, covering a wide variety of topics of interest to professional genealogists, or those just considering a career in genealogy. Archived webinars are available to members of APG as a benefit of membership. More »