Family PhotographsThere are several genealogy software programs for photos. They vary somewhat, so the one you ultimately choose will be a matter of preference. The typical software allows you to add your photos by dragging and dropping them onto the correct spot on your project builder. They can also be scanned or they can be taken from your digital camera.

Should a Photo be Edited?

The basic package will include image editing so you may adjust the picture to make it sharper or clearer. Removing red-eye is another editing feature and cropping is yet another. The need to adjust the photos so that they can be placed on your family tree is advocated by some and others feel the photos should not be changed.

The concern is over the originality of the photo several years from now when someone is viewing it and the confusion it may cause. Should your photos show warts and all, when they can be easily removed? The general rule of thumb is if a relative is known for a certain feature (whether or not it is flattering), you should not change the photo.

However, there are those who just cannot resist. So in order to allow for the change, there are programs that will show you how to label the photo so the viewer will know it has been changed.

A small spot on the photo can be designated for letting the viewer know that the image has been sharpened or colorized or whatever you did to change it. The date of the change and who changed it can be added as well. This is considered imperative for the time when future generations will be viewing the photo.

Benefits of Genealogy Software

A benefit of genealogy software for photos is the use of face labels. After all, 30 or 40 years from now, the person viewing the photo probably will not know who all the people are. When you use this feature, typically they work by drawing a box around the face that you want to identify and adding the name. When the viewer is looking at the photo they can put the mouse on that particular face and the name will appear.

There are other features that are becoming available for editing photos for the family tree. One is creating a 3D family tree album. There is an auto-flip function that will let you view the pictures by rapidly flipping them. The ease of removing or adding pictures to the album is easier. There is a folder management program that allows you to perform a variety of actions such as moving or renaming the photos.

The genealogy software for photos has regularly added features that may not all be the best approach. Many of these will be helpful when it comes to placing your photos in the correct spot. Using your own personal preference for the family tree you are creating is still the best method.

In addition, when it comes to genealogy software, there are certain system requirements that are necessary for your computer to be compatible with the software. The basic software normally requires an operating system of at least Windows 2000 and many require it to be XP. In addition, the hard disk space must be a certain amount as well as the available MBs of RAM.

So whatever your preference is, editing your genealogy photos or not, there is software available to allow you to preserve the essence of your pictures as well as enhance their features.

Source by Sherri D Smith