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Charts and Smart Trees:

Create beautiful family tree charts, including the unique ‘All Relatives’ charts. Smart trees automatically adjust as you change data or adjust boxes and branches. Use diagrams for browsing and exploring, and even for adding relatives.

Pictures & Face-Linking:

Add pictures, sounds and videos. Link each face in each picture to your record for that person, and show these faces in charts, reports, books etc – with no cropping required.

100% GEDCOM:

The global standard for shared genealogy data, Family Historian is 100% GEDCOM compatible and complete.

Books & Booklets:

Create professional-looking family tree books or booklets with a mix of auto-generated chapters and your own ‘free text’.

Create Websites & Family Tree CDs/DVDs:

Creating professional-looking websites or Family Tree CDs/DVDs is easy using Family Historian’s powerful wizards.

Powerful Merge/Compare:

A powerful merge/compare tool allows you to compare any two GEDCOM files side-by-side, and gives you complete control over the merge process.

Internet Search:

Search for your ancestors across the Internet using the integrated Internet Search tool.

Highly Configurable Reports:

Comes with 31 highly-configurable reports and you can create your own custom reports.


A powerful query tool helps you get more from your data.


Powerful built-in scripting tools give you total control over your data.

The Plugin Store:

Download free plugins, such as mapping and timeline tools, from the Plugin Store.

Quick Start Guide & Free eBook:

Includes a printed Quick Start Guide, and eBook “Getting the Most from Family Historian 5” (can be read using free Adobe Reader).

Easy and Fun to Use:

With its innovative and visually-oriented user-interface, Family Historian is not just easy to use – exploring and working with your family tree data has never been more fun. Multi-level undo/redo gives peace of mind and Help is available throughout.